SInce only a handful of local Steem users in San DIego are posting with the #sandiego tag I have given 5000 SAND to metzli so as a local and a steemian can have more stake in the local project

in #sandlast year

I have given 5000 SAND to @metzli @fitinfun and @mariannewest because they are some of the only local users posting with #sandiego or on a consistent basis and they need at least some stake! :) If They all sit down with me in a discord voice chat and do a public agreement over video or post to agree with witnesses, to not sell their sand if i give them a larger stake, maybe we can work out a deal where they are given a larger stake of SAND and they promise to not sell it for at least a year or two, and in return I help them with upvotes and I give THEM support to give my token support and HOLD it :) I can give them all delegation of Steempower one day with INV accounts to give out, that way they can at least give 1 to 10 cent upvotes to all the people they bring to steem, and I can help them bring 100s of users each with INV

Now I know 5000 SAND isnt much now but I plan to get SAND to $1 and use facts and figures concerning the local population and the demand for cryptocurrency to get us there. I feel I have the tools to apply for the grants to acquire the delegation, liquid steem and Steempower to upvote, tip and incentivize steemians to promote various projects that can all bring a cash flow stream to steem and leverage steem not for some fantasy investment in the token but for the idea of steem as Technology first and foremost. We use steem to promote crypto based projects and we BUILD on steem with friends like @gerber and wemohen @cryptotrees where we build the FUTURE, we PLANt the SEED of the next generation to LEARN with the tools we give them, that software isn't scary. Watch any old movie about computers like Wargames that I am watching right now, it made me realize how silly old computer systems were, yet we feared them as monoliths of math and brainpower, that only a handful can understand :D And now those massive 1980s computers are like children's toys!

When steem first started out it was so complicated SOUNDING but NOW it seems silly to re read the first white paper, and we see WHAT was bloated and overly complicated in explanation, and what needed to be fleshed out!

( @sandeos and the @sandac are my ideas for some EOS SAN DIEGO expansions, that go beyond EOS to allow us to welcome BTC ETH and all altcoin San Diegans, into one big generic local socal crypto group and we hope to work with @challengedac @eoskent and @chaceeskam )

So, SAND token is getting an updarte to token website and I'm writing a NEW white paper + top handle the big ideas of the local governance DAC, I have been writing on real pen and paper some brain storm sessions and outlines as well :D

While working with weedcash I developed the following 3 part system

  1. SAND Tribbe on Steem allows for a Blockchain Social Media that pays people to post San DIego related content and all SAND DAC and proposals get posted about and promoted here ad our social layer!

  2. SAND EOS Token and Dapp, using Newdex listing of SAND token as global advertising for San Diego as THE Smartest City, and the first in a strong of"city tokens" used to onboard the most high tech cities in the country ad the world into blockchain, using anything up to and including Federal Funding to pay for account creation, SP and other blockchain resources needed to succesfully onboard at least 1 to 5% of the total city population

  3. EOSDAC Governance layer using the SAND EOS token that is already on newdex will allow us to create our own @eosdac dac Factory powered Decentralized Autonomous COmmunity with candidates voted in from all over the city, with requirements like proof of residency fulfilled before running

Now to learn more about what this DAC would look like for SAND check out @vigorstablecoin 's DAC here for an example of a DAC from EOSDAC used for stablecoin management, or https://dac.krown/club @krowndac has another really cool EOSDAC derivative product that manages local decentralized business DACs that allow a local mall for example to share discount vouchers or membership clubs for free products, between stores, I mean possibilities are endless. For a Local DAc with social media, local DAPP launchpad and sandboxing with local city governance DAO's also in mind, I feel this project can be the go to network for local San DIego based city blockchain systems.


Thank you for my stake!

I will not be selling any stakes that were gifted to me anytime soon. I had not put an exact date to how long I would HODL, but I can surely agree to HODL until 2021 or 2022.

I also stake at least 1/2 of all earnings that I get from tribes - usually more. I will keep writing San Diego content and, thank you for the invite tokens.

Let's keep growing this San Diego platform :)

Thank you so much!! @fitinfun is traveling to Steemfest right now, but I am sure she will show up here soon again.

This is Marianne. I love to talk to you - also about another idea I have. Can you post an invite to the discord server or do you want to do a one on one video. Trying to find you on discord now.

the discord is or


also, discord and telegram always on the website or side menu on

Keep up the good work.