New Rule Implementation: Make Atleast 200 Words Post To get Your Post Curated for Using the Challenge App Tag on Steem

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Hello Steemians!

I want to use this medium to apologize to the @steem team for curating some spam posts of users who are using the #challengedac tag. This post is to notify the team that I was not aware these accounts were spam accounts. So there has now been a new rule implemented for every Steemian who will use the Challenge tag from now henceforth. Which is, they must make posts of atleast 200 words to get their post upvoted with our 230K Steem power accounts.

Steemians who are supporters of the Challenge team or who will post about the Challenge App must now make sure to follow the rule to continue earning incentives from the CHL team. Posts who don't meet this standard will not earn rewards.

The vision of Challengeeos is to publicize the App which let's users send and receive challenges to Steemians, make sure the app is more user-friendly and bring up not integration features for Steemians who use the Challenge App. The challenge team based in San Diego has also made a steemit post towards the implementation of this new rule. Check out the post here

Steemians are urged to go along with the new rule as Challengeeos unveils more surprise packages for Potential Steem users.

Download the CHALLENGE App through the link below and start earning Crypto rewards:)

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