Never lose your patience in the currency

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Never lose your patience in the currency market and always have a role in currencies that have a good project related to technical factors or safe and untraceable transfers
The first thing I entered the crypto market was the market, which was only three currencies, Bitcoin was at 185 dirhams, Litecoin was for 2 dirhams, and the double-coin coin, which came out as a result of a joke of three people.
Then the beginning of the Ethereum era appeared, which I believe deserves to exceed its price of $ 5,000, had it not been for the currency developer’s policy, which basically aims not to raise the price of the currency
Then came NEO, my long-term favorite, EOS
When you enter the cryptocurrency market, do not enter to double your profits in an hour, a day, or even a week. Large companies calculate the value of their profits once every three months
The biggest winner in the world of cryptocurrencies is the one who considers what he puts in the world of cryptocurrencies is an invisible balance, and you will find your profits, and then I am satisfied with what I have won.