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RE: My Actifit Report Card: September 13 2020

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I feel like you are in some sci-fi movie :D
Glad you found something to help out with the air
It sounds like when the fires in Indonesia are raging and the wind carries it over
But of course, the fires won't cross the sea, just the smog...

I have been meaning to ask someone, I'll ask you
So when you registered for 3speak, did you have to put your active key, without it being encrypted?
I tried, but I don't see it turning into the usual dots... just wondering


I don't remember - but I thought you have to create your own password. I really don't remember if they asked for the active key or not - so sorry....

That's ok
I was just wondering
Yes, it does ask for your own password but to connect I have to use my active key.
That's not the problem, it's just that it is not encrypted when I copy and paste so was just wondering if that's normal... :D