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RE: My Actifit Report Card: October 13 2020

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Does it really get that cold there? Hah im a few miles west and our micro climate is so warm and never gets tpo cold, just need mass irrigation ... water is whay we need. Lets get orgone cloud attractors from welhelm reich hahaha jk we will use silver rockets and regular desalination and solar panels

Rain will let san diegans grow so much food at home but we dont need it water is so cheap haha we can capture water from the ocean too and its like hahah san diego river is gods distribution

Water is gods currency not gold hahaha and those anunaki gods salinated the oceans as they left those fuckers lol salting the land .... thats from alex collier... he said our oceans used to be fresh water but they slowly salinated them to control us fucking insane but true fresh water supply controls human populations hahahaha

Fresh water will fucking change life as we know it when ee can grow food for eos we sell to neighbors and yes theyll buy it when tbey get PAID (a token i make lol) TO EAT (local and with eos)