​imagine SF or SD with no homeless, the city would be alive with touri ...

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​imagine SF or SD with no homeless, the city would be alive with tourism againa nd make hgella money and pay for the fucking 10,000 Rvs we need which is like 200 million and budget of SD alone is $4B #irl #captaincontent #sandiego #rv #mobilehome #vanlife #homeless #homelessness

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Budget of San Francisco is $13 Billion dollars but only $160 million buys 8000 homeless people a $20k trailer each and add another 1000 a month lumped into ssi and ebt and you solve homelessness when you add another 40 million to buy and develop the rv parks but now you have 200 million dollar plan that ends homelessness and THAT is 100% guaranteed to actually increase tourism and activity and revenue and san Francisco and grow and come alive again.

This applies to #sandiego as well even with a 4 billion dollar budget and 10,000 homeless we can get land much cheaper and develop gigafactories or deals with camper trailers and special systems for renting the tow trucks and cars needed like a robo taxi tesla tow service you Can call up and spend EBT points for 1 time a year or month or 6 months you can move to a new spot free then it costs money.

We will develop the ultimate safety net based on the #blockchain and monetize these RVs with #irl @streamlabs and twitch and bitwave streaming kits so each rv can live stream to the world for advertising and donations. This could be very profitable .

These people represent new customer base and can be guided into RV parks and out of nasty city centers and homeless camps no one wants to be in anyway. Sure these new RV parks won't be perfect haha but with live streaming they'll self police. Readyplayerone but no stacking them up just underground boring co tunnels filled with RVs lol @boringcompany

Blockchain upward mobility private property ownership Spaceship training wheel, electric RV mobile home using hive.blog and @telosnetwork governed/ funded system to end homelessness

@wredlich talked about some plan to help maybe end homelessness with mobile home cyber truck campers maybe? It was cryptic but he said he'd invest his future tesla fortune that way to help humanity if tsla ever went to that 40,000 target maybe? Hah well even with local budgets today or private blockchain budgets like on telos we can create programs to get RVs up with multiple bunk beds each housing the homeless and monetizing with starlink powered IRL live stream shows on each RV like ho else's roadrules but for self improvement !

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SF City Budget is $13 BILLION dollars. 8,000 homeless.... only $20,000 for RVs or Trailers EACH and another $5k a month each to maintain them double that to buy rv park land? its like 100million

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They are not so smart to do this things 😁👌👌👌 but good idea.

@telosnetwork proposal system or hive Dao will help start this in some small city

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Lets hope :)