I bought $700 worth of Chainlink today $1000 EOY 4xhab meme magic praise kek

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tesla and warren buffet using chainlink accoeding to new @chicocrypto video AND chainlink creator is satoshi nakamoto


Chainlink ysed to be made fun of but chico crypto always gets things right AND hes just powerful enough to actually pump whatever he discusses and he only discusses The best Of the best


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Where can I invest in a bet against chainlink succeeding due to these additions to their network?

I see a bunch of FOMO from chicocrypto, lol so is chainlink going to be worth more than the 20x leverage most cryptocurrency traders are trading with?

omg u are overthinking this

LINK is mandatory now for these big companies needing a sort of co2 zef style credits to prove they used renewable energy ...............eth and link and singularity grid will do that

link is so powerful as a social force

technical analysis doesnt mater....TESLA and warren buffets nevada energy thing is real and that shit will result in massive 4chan meme magic bul run

crypto is ACCUMULATIVE...its not a zero sum game....things just stack up on each other and entropy leaves only one path

and that path is millions of 4chan and reddit users FOMOing into chainlink before it his $1000

the link , aka THE GREAT LINK from Odo and deep space 9, has been ingrained in the minds and mines of the nerd and the willy wonka factory train that produces it.

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I will bet you 100 HBD Chainlink nevers reachs 500 a coin in the next 2 years and I will still be on hive then unless quantum singularity gives us all the power to break the hive and chainlink code base.

Is there a quantum tangibility proposal seeing as you have claimed this is not a zero sum game, there must be a solution to post quantum chain link, id be curious to read that and compare it to the developers I know working on github issue 805 in the Zcash repo so I can make an educated investment, not a meme... ...

Can't say I want to touch a coin supported by Davos and the like tbhfam. That's kinda why I'm with HIVE my dude.