TwentyOneCrypto Group Telegram AMA With ChallengeEOS App Team

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An Indonesian Crypto media group called The Twenty One Crypto Group is going to be hosting an AMA for the @challengedac Community today 19 November 2020 by 6pm GMT/1am WIB/10am PST. Myself and the Co-founder of ChallengeEOS App, Chace Eskam @anderson91 are the Speakers. Join us as we unveil the latest updates on the app. There is a 700,000 CHL tokens prize pool for participants. Be sure to attend to know more about the app and how you can earn variety of EOS Blockchain based cryptocurrencies daily by simply carrying out challenges on the app. Here is the link for the telegram AMA Also Join ChallengeDAC Community telegram.


The ChallengeEOS App is an EOSIO Blockchain based challenge app used to send and receive challenges which are either Task challenges or the Geo challenges. Task challenges are the ones where a sender asks the receiver to carry out a task e.g like a page on social media and drop screenshot as proof on the comment session of the challenge post for a cryptocurrency reward while the Geo challenges are the ones where the challenge sender asks the challenge receiver to show up at a location and redeem crypto rewards.You can earn tokens like CHL, EOS, VIG, SAND, KANDA, PUML, SENSE, DAPP, EETH, EBTC on the App. CHL is the App's native token as can be found on Newdex, Okex, CoinGecko, Bitsonic exchanges. CHL is currently worth $0.000056 on coinmarketcap and investors hope the price rises as the app goes viral. The coin has a circulating supply of 1.3 billion tokens and Max Supply of 2.7 billion tokens. ChallengeEOS Headquarters is located in San Diego, California.


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I will be there.. I encourage all to be available

It was Lit. 🔥💯

Interesting, time noted and alarm set.

Awesome. Don't miss out! 😁