Single Prompt Option - The Weekend Freewrite - 5/29/2021

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Since we have stepped past the mighty 1000 - yes, now we have been freewriting together for more than 1000 days, I thought we mix it up a bit.

1000 prompts are just oo much and too overwhelming to sort through.

We are going back to what we did in the very beginning - you get to choose from any prompt of the previous week.

If you wrote every day, good on you! Now try a different take on a prompt or try to bring all of them into one freewrite. Play and have fun!

Or you can use one of the Three Prompts from the other weekend freewrite and use that as your prompt.

If all fails, go back to the latest pre-1000 day Weekend prompt and find something to your liking.
Here is the last of the way too many prompts post.


embracing the dark side
herbal tea
government institutions
dry mouth
mocking bird

You know what to do.

  1. Pick a prompt
  2. Set a timer to 5 minutes or use the Most Dangerous Writing App
  3. Write without stopping.
  4. Fix what you feel like fixing
  5. Publish your freewrite
  6. Leave a link in the comments of this post.

There is only one important rule!

have Fun.png

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Thank you. The same to you!

When you find yourself liking and respecting someone you were told you couldn't -- for 400 years -- you might just get dry mouth ... ... and then you might call the right cousin to help you eliminate your foolishness ...

I just love how you fit all the prompts into your story :)

Thank you ... more news to come ... Freewriters might be able to open new PAYING grounds for themselves ... will report back if I can get the door open...

Really nice stories @deeanndmathews, I was trying to find them on Hive so I could vote for them but couldn't.

Keep up the good work!


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