Early gift! 5 minute Freewrite

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Dear friends

This is my entry for the Thursday´s 5 minute freewrite challenge of @mariannewest. If you want to participate here you have the rules at the following link.

Prompt: Early gift

Image source pixabay.com

Early gift

After entering a new summer station, the early gifts are seen, in the field the punctual rooster at its time announces the beginning of a new day, so alerted the other inhabitants of the field wake up from their sleep and start chirping the birds, in the trees asking the night to give way to the sun and the wolf returns to his burrow to hide from the straggler hunters.

So, each of us should take advantage of these days to get out of the forced confinement and claim the early gift that our life gives us.

© 2020, Felix Garcia P. All rights reserved

Image source pixabay.com

Thanks so much for reading.

Waiting for your upvotes, comments and rehive.


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thanks for the san diego post, im guessing youre a friend of @mariannawest and youre also from or in san diego ? i see ur using neoxian and larlians and palnet too

if u know people from san diego in those tribes , if they really are san diegans, i need real san diegans to curate and be gate keepers to only let other sand diegans in lol.

the fact that teehsr so many tribes toklens, makes peopel think its easy or cheap to get one, but for sand its totaly different and teher sa newdex listing and mobile app, liek appics, so we can actually take SAND back to thye actual $1 price its already been at, and wew can take it to $100, as its only a few million supply, i could make SAND the Bitcoin for San Diego

hey i noticed it says youre in venezuela, so can i ask why you poist with #sandiego tag ? we dont allow vote farming. i have to mute u from earning any SAND now or having posts show up on sand . feel free to use KANDA and #telokanda tho

i will have to mute u now so u dont start farming SAND lol, its only for san diego people , i cant have people using this tag unless they live here lol sorry

but if you know people in San Diego they can use SAND and #sandiego hashtag for SAND tokens

Ok, friend @ackza, I am a friend of @mariannewest, following his recommendations I will no longer use the #sandiego token, I used it for friendship with the people of San Diego, not for money purposes, I had no knowledge of its correct use. Regarding the #telokanda Token, I will inform myself. Thank you very much for your understanding. Receive my affections.

Great post. I really like your story. Fantastic. Thank you.

Hi @rcaine, I think a rooster wakes us all up every day. Cheers.

Me encantó tu escrito querido amigo.

Muchas gracias amiga @isgledysduarte, cada día el reto se hace más dificil. Recibe mis afectos.

Very Nice, I like that the dawning of a new season and a new day brings the gift :)


Thank you very much dear @improbableliason. Cheers.

Such a brilliant perspective. Cheers

hahaha - I have a rooster that gives me an early gift every morning :)

A new day is truly a gift.