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RE: To End Homelessness 711's Should Have Rotel Bus Tour 50+ Person Mobile Hotels For 10 To 20 Bucks For 8 Hour Beds

I imagine circus tents in the interum... For rv's and parked cars... Re-allocation insues.


Individual homes like an earthship is easy. Everyone who wants one could get one in 2 years max... But what of the community? What about a mega structure and no individual need for shelter?


when you're inside a bubble, you can't see the bubble


you need a really good story and art to create a new and or modify an existing cult(ure)


that's a good starting point

And a red letter date

Change 7-11s to 9-11s for the growing population of victims ✊😎🥓👍

Great Reset

happy police day ¡¡¡