im using Telos WPS to fund Whale Retirement Pens Offshore. Time to shut down Sea World Orca shows! Lets organize ELF and ALF antifa style and legally force seaworld to bend knee

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We can use to pay bitcoin to people to show up to events to protest orca shows and bus people in from portland and demand the seaworld corporation releases all orcas immediately to off shore pens where they can take people by fucking whale watching boat and build pier structures


but sea world better bend the knee because im funding this with telos worker proposals that will literaly get funded from LAWSUITS from seaworld and we will IMMINENT DOMAIN seaworld property snd parking lot and start building private residences there so we can make the city far more money

Sea world is a cash cow whale slavery death camp and we will shut it down with the power of Gaya and capta9n planet BITCOIN telos and the fucking democratic party antifa earth and animal liberation front

ive given sea world plenty of chances and offered them ways to reinvent themselves and times up bitches


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Seaworld is fucked , nonone can to to the shows anyway because of covid19!

free the godamn whales now in special wjale pens like this:

I would make the city MORE MONEY off that SEA WORLD PARKING LOT by selling it to real estatw developers and forcing sea world to stop their criminal animal slavery activities that prevent san diego from getting serious european investment opportunities for our biotech industry as theres a LOT of upset europeans who dont like our whale slavery

The whale is the symbol of crypto mother fuckers now im free willy and im here to free the fuckin whales and elon musk and grimes are gonna help and build giant floating whale pens funded by starships floating launch pads out in the ocean



@aquamanmovie is a great movie for #keylonticscience #atlana #atlantis #keylonta #onetrueking #seaworld

We will frre the whales and force @seaworldsandiego to release all whales or iwill organize an #antifa rally at SeaWorld dan diego and Florida

#animalliberationfront #telos we can fund protests and use @challengedac @challengeeos to organize protests and PAY PEOPLE BITCOIN to show up and demand sea world place all orcas and dolphins in a special temporary off shore pen they will be forced to pay for by going into debt and selling off the sea world parking lot for funds that will go DIRECTLY into telos worker proposal system @earthliberationfront #earthliberationfront #animalliberationfront this is 100% legal and all children should be encouraged ro be political to save the whales #savethewhales #atlantis #searleffectgenerator