SAND TLOSTrading has a great liquidity bot now!

in Sand •  11 days ago 

Check out this Trade Bot Action which is now apart of the toip Telos tokens on the newdex TLOS trading zone!

Trade SAND on Newdex with TLOS here

NEXT we just need trading bots on

COme check THIS out to earn SAND if you ARE FROM SAN DIEGo you MUST BE A RESIDENT or, you MUST write posts ABOUT san diego to earn SAND or you will be banned permanently if you spam or try to get SAND with lazy posst :D its for locals only! If you have never been to San DIego, you shouldn't post on our nitrous, youre free to use whatever tags but we do run a HIVE for San Diego COin, and we will quickly mute and remove whoever is abusing the tribe

Ill ask @eonwarped if the amazing NITROUS on hive workes with the communities to allow bans t op happen from mods or admins, so i can allow peopel who buy ro have enough SANDPOWER to be goiven MODE abilities to mute peoepl from teh community on hive... i dont know if those bans will vcarry over to the nitrous page?

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