just collected another $100 in "daily earnings" for Voice.com? Will Voice = $1 like Voice? Voice has $150 Million for this year! SO maybe $150 million supply stablecoin?

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year

Check out my "daily rewards' I screwed up my first few days and never collected the 'daily rewards" back when theyw ere 500! But I just reached my 6000 Voice milestone finally!

I promise I will share these tokens

OH WAIT They arent sellable? Can I USE My Voice for ANYTHING? Are they PERMANENT? Can I at least use my daily rewards as UBI?

They let me "spend" voice when i click "voice it" which i have no idea about. They have some shit where you click "voice it" and its 1 voice then it costs 2 and then it costs more and more, and you cant ask to spen more, it just lets YOU me the "top promoter" on any given post, but someone else can paay to be "top promoter" it sort of sucks! no point in using it unless we can actually spend this voice on AirBNB or WHolefoods or get EOS


So I can buy advertising... on voice.. a site no one uses... and they will ban me if I advertise something voice doesnt like, such as LEGAL Cannabis, which they oppose on a federal level, even if I am in Canada or a native American reservation with very specific sovereign rights.. of course @dan and @brendenblumer will NOT respect those indigenous rights, to post about their medicinal plants, on voice. They will get banned because all cannabis posts are banned. (Unless theys tart making exceptions and NO ONE is willing to RISK THEIR VOICE to experiment and SEE what voice censors will allow, so until then just use SAND if you are in San DIego and HIVE globally https://hive.blog and fro San Diegans, https://app.sandiegocoin.org

Voice is paying people in monopoly money that no one can even spend for real tokens.



In SAND we pay people in REAL USABLE EOS, Telos stem and HIVE engine tokens you can exchange for REAL BTC

I am even working on an exchange to DIRECTLY sell SAND for BTC but refuse to pay one. maybe probit will list me. I do deserve it.

Newdex may be enough but it is EOS only and I want BTC trading. Perhaps TokenPocket can help.


wow. Thanks for always bringing us the best. I didn't know voice has started its operation so much like this. Thanks always @ackza. But we still have a lot to do with @phonedata and impacting many lives is another project to handle.

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!