To End Homelessness 711's Should Have Rotel Bus Tour 50+ Person Mobile Hotels For 10 To 20 Bucks For 8 Hour Beds

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Imagine 711 parking lots at night full of mobile RV bunk beds where homeless can hustle 10 bucks for 8 hours sleep and they set up the trailers and cots every night make it a business have uber style scooter style recharge ftees manage it all ... hire the homeless to manage it and even give them 711 brand merch and hoodies and clothes for more marketing. It will solve homelessness

They'd hustle that 10 to 20 bucks a night or less in cheaper cities maybe more in a place like new york or LA but hey they gotta have a cheap homeless RV pop up and use live streaming and advertisers to monetize and cover any extra over head from costs of incineration toilets and shower which has to be outside I mean they cannot share an RV shower we will make some sort of out side industrial strength portable power spray tent that folds out and it will do a lil decontamination AND we'll do free haircuts for thsoe who agree to live stream it to monetize for donations and ad money

We will have these like pop up at select 711s and have homeless people pre selected to get vouchers or reserve their spot to buy a bed and they'll set up live stream cameras so people can try to earn their money from just talking to a. atm With cash already inside... it takes HALF or more of your donations but gives you instant cash and then refills itself with paid workers on crypto com at the 711 atm lol I mean we could have people paid to do that money handlers like in lima Peru on the street ... they accept fonos you get cash

Anyway pop up mobile rv hotel trucks from rotel bus tours parked outside 71qs as night time inky anti homeless pop up would be so dope

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why do you think homelessness should be ended?

because we dont all live in Germany. Here in San Diego, California, there are so many homeless that you cannot walk down the street without feces and urine. This lowers quality of life for all, and no one cleans it up, no one does anything, and our city san diego? It runs on tourism. eventually it becomes like LA and no one visits entire swaths of the city and no one fill sour hotels we earn zero tax

so if we do not end homelessness in san diego, we loose ALL tourism money tax base and we cannot feed ourselves or employ our workers and entire system collapses lol

all because 5000 people were allowed to live on streets and no leaders wanted to provide simple bunk beds in underground parking structures or RVs

we can monetize every human being, theres always money to be made off a human body . we can have company stores that live stream IRL the homeless content and show all the fights drug abuse etc for teh world to see, it embarrasses people and they stop. We will have monetizable RV camps

Find it a bit difficult to read between your lines as you seem very upset. You could be completely misunderstood and think that you are rather disgusted by the homeless and feel that they are affecting you and your ability to earn money. It reads a bit like you want to erase these homeless people from your field of vision and sensibility. I assume that it is not meant that way.

I am someone who can be reached more on a story level, a narrative about a real encounter between you and someone you met as homeless. Did something like that take place?

Well sorry but this isnt enlightened Germany,... here in San Diego to even discuss homelessmess and be taken seriously you MUST talk in terms of real estate and taxes and have a real business like plan lol

bro, im disgusted at the city and hospitals who dump people outside

Humans are humans, theyre gonna shit and piss , no matter what the government says, but they created a lil federal DC backup military citdael of wealth here in san diego

the homeless are forced here because of weather survival

and then they just let them die on the street while they spend our money on giant new sky scrapers and stadiums lol like ancient fucking rome

and yeah if you erase homelessness from streets thats always good, PEOPLE shouldnt have to live on concrete and in waste , its not about some sjw logic about visibility etc, people can see the numbers online and gamify that with social media dapps

i have models that hire hoemless to do IRL live streaming 8 hours a day or more and rceeiev enough donations from entertained viewers ti pay for whatever they need

You have a real business plan, have it figured out, are going to invest in a bus like this and then want to put it in car parks like this at 711? If you have such a plan, are involved in it and want to give shelter to homeless people, you have my respect. You also have my respect that if you see a dying homeless person lying on the street, you are able to save him from dying or you have helped one individual.

tldr: End homelessness to free up land and take back streets for residents... residents who should have never allowed people to live in such low standards of living, its a crime commited by the city and county to ALLOW this much human filtha nd disease to accumulate un checked.

if someone stacked up human feces in the houses of the city council members now they would do something about it

the solution is decentralized local government and to completely shut down by lawyers or by LEGAL MILITARY FORCE all the old government buildings and take back all power on a decentralized network

I imagine circus tents in the interum... For rv's and parked cars... Re-allocation insues.


Individual homes like an earthship is easy. Everyone who wants one could get one in 2 years max... But what of the community? What about a mega structure and no individual need for shelter?

when you're inside a bubble, you can't see the bubble


you need a really good story and art to create a new and or modify an existing cult(ure)


that's a good starting point

And a red letter date

Change 7-11s to 9-11s for the growing population of victims ✊😎🥓👍

Great Reset

happy police day ¡¡¡


And Sandbox the concept in HIVE


We should make a tribe to end homelessness. My favorite post you made was giving homeless people money then asked for votes to pay you back. Seems like a no brainer idea.