i call this trading pattern: the big red middle finger pattern SAND / EOS Newdex Trading

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Trade SAND here but remember that aprox 300 SAND a day come out of that reward pool ... so the ads revenue can afford $0.01 per SAND maybe if were lucky to bring in 3 bucks a day.... but $1 a day? we have had these prices on newdex on our first day .... but these require ads to be making 300 dollars a day... yes we can afford that IF we have users al posting on htps:/app.voice.com earning 10 a day and spending just 1 of that on buying sand to stake for staking rewards.... we can and we shall use 100 to 1000 local investors to buy the reward pool AND THEN we will have glorious ever increasing prices as more and more users join https://app.sandiegocoin.org

join the telegram here like @mariannewest https://t.me/sandiegocoin

twitter https://twitter.com/sandiegocoins

website : https://SanDiegoCoin.org

locals earn SAND posting on our reddit style dapp


Nice pattern, you are correct! Damp et lolz jk!!!