I am in the 53rd Congressional District with CongressWoman Susan David. her website with Balboa Park and $Dollar counters looks like an ICO website :D Im excited to actually integrate Telos to Ca to make the Democratic Party stronger than any Sith Lord

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If all goes to plan, the Democrats are set to inherit a HUGE Blockchain fortune ..... when Trump is gone in 4 years or this year, we will EVENTUALLy have democrats, and even if you hate them, lets profit together off their schemes lol CLimate change is huge, we need to at least think about CARBON credits and co2 tokens....


even if you dont believe in it, we can make MONEY with Al Gore :D ANYWAY all jokes aside, we have SERIOUS E govenrment TOOLS for telos https://app.telos.net you can create E ballots and we can make wallets for all Americans for just $8 million dollars, and hey, if they wait too long that price could go up like with EOS where it starts to cost billions. BUT HEY, the BUDGET for Libvrary of COngress is nearly $700 MILLIOn dollars hjahjahahjahaha

Library of COngress Budget for DIGITIZATION is actually exactly how much I need to purchase the 1 telos for 400 Million american Accounts at approx $0.02 each

So Im writing Federal legislation today to Pave the Way to gather Federal Funding to fund Telos and Hive:
American Leadership In Blockchain And Business Ascension Act A.L.I.B.A.B.A.



H.R. ______ _____American Leadership In Blockchain And Business Act_____ In the House of Representatives Date: _____________ (Zachary Williams 53rd District) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on _______________. ____________________
_____(American Leadership In Blockchain And Business Ascension Act A.L.I.B.A.B.A.)_____ 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America 2 in Congress assembled. 3 SEC.

  1. 4 Short Title: Your bill will have an official title, but this is where you put the title you 5 actually want your bill to be called (i.e. JOBS Act, PATRIOT Act, etc.) 6 SEC.
    American Leadership In Blockchain And Business Ascension Act A.L.I.B.A.B.A. Act

  2. 7 (a) Explanation of terminology- Which terms need to be defined in order to understand 8 the bill? 9 (b) Not all terms will need to be defined. In fact, you may not need to define any terms. 10 SEC.

Blockchain - Computer Network used for keeping track of public ledgers
Worker Proposal System - A Semi Autonomous Funding Network, allows for an allocation of funds to be reserved that incentivizes developers to work on community needs, new public applications, and system maintenance and patches/upgrades for the software. (This helps lower cost of personnel and maintenance for the project long term to help the budget sustainability of the project )
Telos - A Blockchain with a focus on E government Tools and Apps (Like Telos Decide and its E Ballot system which can be utilized for governments https://app.telos.net/trails/ballots )
Decentralized Digital Wallet - A Public Banking Style Account available on a digital device, maintained by nodes run by users voted in by other users, decentralized without a central authority, just the American people.

  1. 11 What is the act going to do? Who is going to be involved / impacted / affected by the act? 12 SEC.
    This Act will provide a digital wallet and access to renewable virtual resources for All Americans on a scalable blockchain database which can eventually even be used for the Library of Congress and act as a sort of Public Access Digital newspaper for All Americans. This second layer voting solution for e-government, and give Americans access to virtual resources perfect for schools and urban areas.

All American Citizens can have and need Access to Free Blockchain resources and for Approx. 400 million Accounts for All Americans at the cost of $0.02 per TLOS Resource Tokens, it would be possible to offer only $8 Million Dollars to the Telos Foundation to cover the cost of accounts for All American Citizens, and for another $8 million the cost of transactions for these accounts could be worked out with all Americans having access to at least a handful of Transactions a day to vote, submit paperwork, and submit Worker Proposals, ideas with requests for funding for projects voted on by other citizens using a reward pool provided by the Blockchain which this bill, if funded, would naturally reach a point of popularity to help fund our projects. For around $40 Million Dollars we would have enough to purchase the wallets, stake these blockchain resources and essentially turn the Telos Blockchain into a Public Sector network for Government and all citizens.

  1. 13 How is the act going to be funded? Who is going to enforce / administer this act? (Which 14 government agencies will oversee the bill and its duties?). 15 SEC.
    The Library of Congress Budget is $684 Million US Dollars. Its Research Agency will retroactively acquire from the Federal Budget’s Covid19 Stimulus Package, an extra $50 Million Dollars to fund a network which could be as important as NASA or DARP net.

  2. 16 Penalties (if any) for non-compliance (not following the rules) of the act 17 SEC.

  3. 18 Enactment Date: When will the law go into effect?
    Jan 1 2021


tenor (17).gif

DIscuss Telos Here https://t.me/hellotelos Developers https://t.me/dappstelos FREE TELOS? https://discord.telokanda.com


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Hey ackza, I'm speaking with my local town about making one strong community centers a place where citizens can go to get resources and exchange for Hive accumulated through blogging.

If you are able to pull this off and get in contact with these people this legislation getti g pushed forward could help me as a precedent to incorporate these centers into our city through Grants funded by the city cultural council and schools. I'm really close to accomplishing my goal I'll keep you posted but thank you as always for your update.