Half a Million Dollars just for a couple of room, not even a house! San Diego Real Estate will EXPLODE after Biden OR Trump Inflation!

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If you have to spend half a million US dollars on just a room in San DIego, my house should be worth millions with our back yard . Its the land thats worth money, but if we actually make the house updated and have a second story we could literally have a 3 million dollar property that sets the new standard for this neighborhood WHICH WILL be cleaned up. I gues sthey use the homeless for medical data and organs and shit around here its pretty fucked


the medical establishment allows drugs to flood the streets so they homeless live literally outside the hospital buildings



this is still a big issue downtown but uit used to be REALLY bad under obama

under trump we have so much more affordable hoiusing being used but the fact is no oen wants to talk about the UNDERLYING issue, UBI and money and real estate itself and theg human game weplay without telling each other

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real estate shouldnt be so un attainable

motragges should be decentralized so you can take your mortgage with you


you should be able to use a smart contract nft token, and burn your mrotagge for WAX for example on atomichuba nd use it at ANOTHER property maybe oned by the bank

if banks or decentralized blockchain own all the property somewhere you can buy a mortgage in the IDEA of ahouse

imagine you pay for a house mortgage but you can take it to any applicable house

thats what teh smart contract oracle chain link shit can do what i can already do, the only thing we need now is adoption and more slow development