Supporting BELGIAN imported Luxury Lambic Beer With Federal Money

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Conditioned Federal Stimulus

Alcoholic response

Like a regular BF skinner we control you with a dapplr app and pay you to drink.

San diego is capitol of micro breweries so we may end up with professional beer curators here in san diego and professional surf bloggers hahaha its like so not fair how easy my life is

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Linesman’s!!! One of the better and better known Belgian fruit beers! Enjoy!!
Any other Belgian beers you are fond of?

hah i think so but i have to go back to the store to remember, ill take a photo of my local selection

at the other grocery store i realized just how much fucking wine mission hills san diego vons has its insane because its like the largest section opf teh store dedicated to just wine stacked up like fucking currency

Wine (or some nice beers) and cryptocurrency , what more do you need?

decentralized governance