Petition to REMOVE 1945 Nazi Swastika Building 1945 at US Navy Base CORONAdo SD

in San Diego Coin SAND2 months ago

Enough is Enough. Time to REMOVE this swastika building once and for all. It was built in 1945 during the ending of get rid of it now.

Time To Stop these time traveling Nazis

rightout of "Iron Sky"

two german eagle looking airplane shaped buildings are next to it hmmmm didnt notice that

well its time to petition to the ADL and JDL and all local Jewish Groups to pressue trump to executive order this symbol of nazi opression to be demolished
the Navy can TRAIN in a NEW building

they dont need to be held back by sold old raining center from 194? WHY would he VICTORS build a nazi shaped building? no WAY that wouldnt have been NOTICED back then

someone must have been angry ..or did no SOLDIERS ever see it? is the nazi control of San Diego that fucking deep? Seems like it ELSE do you EXPLAIN the ENEMY forces of the nazis BUILDING THEIR LOGO into their building?

fuck no, that doesnt just happen....people see achitecture as symbolic ESPECIALY back then


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