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RE: Get Your Posts Curated When You Review Challengeeos App

in ChallengeEOS3 months ago

I am very impressed by this app. I think it will encourage a lot of people to join due to less traffic because of the virus! Luv the grapic... keep up the good work citimillz👍


Yeah. The App has a beautiful interface and keeps users super happy especially with the fact that during this pandemic season, you can carry out task challenges at the comfort of your home. Thanks for the compliment @sunita2990. I look forward to seeing your friends and I will sure drop challenges for them, not to worry with time, you will start creating your challenges too. 😄😄

You are always welcome. I see you have started creating challenges. Excellent. ✊

Thank you @citimillz I greatly appreciate it. I will definitely work on it.