JOIN the ChallengeEos Games and Win BiG😀

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Good day beautiful people, hope we are doing very well?

I've just created another great challenge on the ChallengeEOS application open for five(5) winners😀😀.


Simply Win the challenge by sharing the Meme to any media group.

This is a great way of creating awareness about this great gaming app.

I'm also currently participating in a challenge created by one of the powerful gamers on the application👇.


You don't wanna miss this!!😋

The challenge created is open for everyone it could be completed and the rewards claimed at the comfort of your home.

Now, What is ChallengeEOS Application all about🤔?

The ChallengeEOS App is an EOSIO based Geo-specific and Time sensitive application used to send and receive challenges to earn reward😀!

The introduction of version 5 makes the ChallengeEOS App even more interesting and engrossing with features like Email Verification, Daily Spin wheel, Comment and Vote feature, Task challenge, Geo challenge etc.

The Application's native token is called CHL which is available on Newdex, Coingecko exchanges etc.

Amongst that, there are others like SAND, EETH, DAPP, SENSE, EBTC and EOS present in the App where one can use as reward for challenges.

Please Download the Challengeeos Version 5 App here;

For Android Users:

For iOS Users:

Subscribe to the Challengeeos Community here

Visit for more details

Also do well to Join the Challengeeos Telegram Community

Lets all have fun Gaming and earning rewards😍😍!!!


Awesome Tutorial right here! Thanks for promoting the Challengeeos App.

Sure its an app i enjoy so much😀😍😍

Yes Challengedac post quaLIFY FOR @SANDIEGOCOIN sand AND WILL HELP A LOT OF NON SANDIEGO RESIDENTS, WHO help A sAN diEGO BASED OUTFIT @challengedac to actually get promoted? then yes you get SAND for this VERY specific post!

Just remember to keep the most SAND or CHl related or, anything san diego related and there is a lot of directly san diego related stuff .

This give me an idea to see other @challengedac users like this making upvote giveaways

we need to simply get people onto hive, USINg upvote sto buy new accounts (3 hive ) because eventually we run out of fere ones to be given haha the hive whales tho have 80 MILLION hive in hive dao, just 3 million a year is enuf for 1 million FREE hive accounts, and thats like what 3000 a day at 365 days, to get 1 million? Ok its Approx 2,739 when i divide 1 million by 365 days....

so yeah without blinking an eye, if hive whales and @blocktrades started the initiative, and i dunno why they wont, they can pay for yearly, free 1 million accounts, 3 million hive, thats 2,739 HIVE wallets you can give out, over 2500 PEOPLE a day, and some Big Change, EVERY day, signing up to hive and tHAT'S just with us doing lets say 30 million out of the 80 million Hive in the Hive Dao so imagine ....

20 years of 2500 people a day joining. 1 million a year, 20 years