Over 120k Hive Power For Challengeeos Community Content Curation + My New Challenge For San Diego Peeps

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I Just dropped yet another Challenge for anyone in San Diego, California and it is quite a simple one. You just have to post a picture of your favorite spot in San Diego and win 100 SAND tokens. The engagement of Hive users on the Challenge App lately is quite amazing and encouraging. It is fun carrying out a simple task to unlock a Crypto reward. Also, all Hivians who download the app and make a review post about the App and posts about new challenges they have created on the app get their Contents Curated on Hive with the @challengedac account that has over 120k Hive power.

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Going to give it a try, great going!

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Awesome. thanks!

Thank you for an upvote, good day!

you are welcome.

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