EOS Giveaway: Make A 2 Minutes Review Video Of The ChallengeEOS App. First 5 entries wins 1 EOS and 50,000 CHL tokens each

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Hello Hive Nation,

It's very exciting to know that the ChallengeEOS community is now Live on the Hive Blockchain. Subscribe to the community here https://hive.blog/created/hive-122179.
I have been using the Challengeeos App for almost a year now and I love it because I can get to send and receive challenges for cryptocurrency rewards. The @challengedac account currently has over 60,000 Hive power and the account is upvoting every post with atleast 200 words promoting the Challengeeos App. Check out this contest https://hive.blog/hivechallenge/@citimillz/challengeeos-send-a-challenge-contest-extended-challengeeos-hive-curation

So I am hosting this contest to reward the first 5 Hive users who will download the Challenge App and make a 2 mins review video about it. Here are the rules:)

  1. Download Challengeeos App here:)
    For Android Users:
    For IOS Users:

  2. Create an account

  3. Make a review video (e.g YouTube, Dtube, 3speak) stating why you like the App and upload the video via the Challengeeos Community with atleast 200 words review post on your Hive blog.

  4. Use #hivechallenge as one of the tags in your post

Winners will be announced and rewarded when this post paysout.


A Player sends a challenge to another player asking them to be a certain location within a given period of time to complete a task like go to gym, swim or even stay at home during this Covid19 pandemic. If the challenge receiver arrives at the location and completes the task within the set time he/she unlocks a Cryptocurrency reward. Challengeeos App is a geo-specific and time-sensitive app.

The App is built on the EOSIO software and has a local currency called CHL available on Newdex, CoinGecko, Okex and Bitsonic exchanges. Challengeeos Team is based in San Diego, California. Tokens used for payment on the App include SENSE, EETH, SAND, CHL tokens and hopefully HIVE token will be added soon.

Read more about the App on the Website: https://www.challengedapp.io


Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

ChallengeDAC Official Accounts:
Telegram: https://t.me/Challenge_DAC

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/challengedacdapp/

ChallengeDac YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYWlP_UT6k5EIfuLSD3Spg

Twitter: @ChallengeDac

Discord: https://discord.gg/HHXFfVN

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/ChallengeDac

Challengeeos Official Logo


Congratulations! You won my Challengeeos Video Contest. Kindly drop your EOS account username to get your rewards sent to you.

thank you @citimillz

my eos username is sheriffakin1

EOS sent. What is your Challenge App username?

thank you very much@citimillz.
my challengedac app name is sheriffakin.

Congratulations! You are a winner. Please provide your EOS account username to get your rewards sent to you.


Nice man, i love the post style, make sure u post on MEDIUM https://medium.com i just made a medium post about @teslastock and i wanna get more people to invest in TSLA now that Oil is dying

Nigeria is so new at Oil and not dependent enough that they could do a 180, sell all their Oil tech and move 100% to solar and TSLA and elon musks stewardship. if the West wants togive Aid to Africa lets see them ship some SOlar panels and power walls.

A Giga Factory in South Africa is being discussed but Nigeria or Ghana Giga Factory maybe for Raw Material processing, or for some sort of TESLA MINING could happen



Yeah bud! I have been using Medium to post lately , and ofcourse it would definitely be great if Nigeria and Ghana are included as TESLA solar energy project beneficiaries.

I suggest this will work better for most Africans, because the regions are equiped for a good solar energy storage.

Thank you for joining! @maxwellelisha19

Congratulations! You won my Challengeeos Giveaway. Please provide your EOS account username.


EOS sent. What is your Challenge App username?

Thank you for joining the contest! @everyoung

Congratulations! You won my Challengeeos App video contest. Kindly provide your EOS account username to get your rewards sent over.


My EOS Id is
everyoung 444

EOS sent. What is your Challenge App username?

I'll give a grand prize for whoever makes the best video!


Wow! 👌This is so thoughtful of you bro, A million thanks. ChallengeEOS App is the App of the future.

Congratulations! You won my Challengeeos Video Contest. Kindly drop your EOS account details to get your reward sent to you.

Thank you @citimillz
Address - huobideposit
Memo - 5354337

EOS sent. What is your Challenge username?

Received! Thank you.. @citimillz

willspatrick is my challengedac username