Challengeeos Team Now has Over 120k Hive Power For Community Curation + Unlock This Challenge For Crypto Rewards With The Challengeeos App

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I just sent out a fresh Challenge for users of Challengeeos Application who are based in New York. This time I dropped the Challenge at The Home Depot located at Rockaway, Queens. NY. So anyone nearby can head there and unlock free CHL coin reward (The App's native currency) which can be traded for EOS on Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic and CoinGecko exchanges. Download the App now if you are yet to have it on your mobile and have fun sending challenges to your friends.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO based Geo-specific and Time sensitive App which can be used to create and receive challenges for real time Cryptocurrency rewards. A player sends a Challenge to another player asking them to complete a task or show up at a location to unlock a Crypto reward. The Tokens which can be used to make payments on the App are CHL, SAND, SENSE, DAPP, EBTC, EOS. The Challengeeos Team is based in San Diego, California. Presently, the @challengedac account has over 120k Hive Power for curating Challengeeos related posts. Subscribe to the community here

Have fun sending and receiving challenges after you download the App. My username is Citiprogamer so you guys can send me a friend request on the App.


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i promoted this with 10 kanda

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hehehe..thanks a lot brah! bless up.

am in the middle off a post where this post is featured, then I'll come back by and curate ;) great work my friend, hehe Home Depot, love it

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many thanks

Yeah qere gonna create so many joba
S outside the home depot haha thats where cyber mexicans of the future will line up to get work.

We will airdrop soooo much chl ay coachella

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Wow look at tScreenshot_20200718-033806_Chrome.jpghe Bitcoin ATM on the map

@eoskent @ceskam @chaceeskam

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Yeah. I was like 'wow' when I saw it. 😁