Challengeeos Community $1 Upvote Contest

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Have you joined the Challengeeos Community contest where you just have to subscribe to the community and drop screenshot as comment to earn an Hive upvote. Click on the link below to join the contest as all entries are assured a $1 Upvote from the @challengedac account with over 120k Hive Power.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO Software based App that allows it's users to send and receive Challenges. A Player (Sender) sends a challenge to another player (receiver) asking them to show up at a location, to redeem Crypto rewards. If the receiver shows up at that location, he/she is able to unlock a real time Crypto reward. Users can also Create amd receive task challenges. The App has a native token called CHL available on Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic and CoinGecko exchanges. Challengeeos App supports token like CHL, EBTC, EOS, SAND, SENSE, and DAPP tokens. The team is based in San Diego, California.

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thanks bro.

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I hope to be favoured😀

Ofcourse! Thank you for participating.

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You're welcome😀 @citimillz
Let the gaming continue

Yeah. It's gaming time brother!

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Sure and the awareness would continue
#ChallengeDac to the world😍

Most definitely! @otydan


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