Challengeeos App Video Review Contest (5 EOS To be Won)

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Here is another awesome contest endorsed by the @challengedac team and Hosted by my humble self. In this very contest, the team is asking Hivers to make a review video explaining what the Challengeeos App is all about. The rules are simple, follow the steps below to participate:)

  1. Subscribe to the Challengeeos Community on Hive

  2. Make a short review video of atleast 2mins and drop the link to the video in the comment section of this post for a chance to win EOS rewards.

The best three entries will be selected by the Challengeeos Team and awarded accordingly. All Entries will be Upvoted by the @challengedac account. Winners must abide by the rules so as to qualify.

🏆Overall winner: 2.5 EOS
1st runner up prize: 1.5 EOS
2nd runner up prize: 1 EOS

P.S: Contest ends when this post payout.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO Blockchain based Geo-specific mobile app that allows it's users to create and receive challenges. A Player (Challenge sender) sends a task or Geo-challenge to another player and if the challenge receiver completes the challenge successfully, he/she wins Crypto rewards. Challengeeos App has a native currency called CHL which is available on Newdex, CoinGecko, Bitsonic and Okex exchanges. Other Tokens supported by the App are SAND, EOS, EBTC, DAPP, SENSE and EETH. The Challengeeos Team are based in San Diego, California.


Download the Challengeeos Version 5 App here:)
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