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Congratulations to all the winners of the last week's Challengeeos App Review Video Contest hosted by me. This video I am sharing explains what is required for joining the contest. During the just concluded contest, It was awesome getting to know that the Hive platform appreciates a community like the Challengeeos Community. Here are the winners of the last week's video contest.

Last week winners:
@everyoung @maxwellelisha19 @sheriffakin1 @willspatrick @toheeb-ewu

The overall winner for last week was @maxwellelisha19 with this entry and he got 10 Hive + the 1 EOS and 50,000CHL token reward.



Challengeeos App is an EOS based App that uses a geo-specific and time sensitive function to operate. It allows it's users to send and receive challenges for real time Crypto rewards. A player sends a challenge to another player asking them to be at a location at a particular time and carry out a task to unlock cryptocurrency rewards. The challenge receiver unlocks the reward if he or she is at the location at the set time and completes the task. Challenge App has a local currency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic and CoinGecko exchanges. The App uses SENSE, CHL, EETH, SAND tokens as payment tokens. Challengeeos Version 5 will be available in few days time and BTC will be added to the app to be used for payment purposes in the new version. The challenge team is based in San Diego, California.



I am hosting a new contest which will also last for a week. Every participant of this video contest will get a 1 EOS reward sent to their EOS account and their post will also get a 100% worth upvote from the @challengedac official Hive account with 100k Hive power. This Week's Grand prize winner for best video will be rewarded with 20 Hive tokens + 1 EOS and 50,000 CHL tokens.


RULE 1: Download the Challengeeos App and create an account

Download App here:)
For Android Users:
For IOS Users:

RULE 2: Subscribe to the Challengeeos Community here

RULE 3: Share your Challengeeos App 2 minutes Review Video e.g YouTube link via a Hive post of atleast 200 words through the community. Let us know why you like the app. (Use #challengeeos tag if posting from a video platform supported by Hive).

Good Luck everyone!

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

ChallengeDAC Official Accounts:




ChallengeDac YouTube:

Twitter: @ChallengeDac


Reddit :



This is beautiful. I am really excited that amazing stuffs is been done in this place and the challengeeos app is a beautiful application.

Congratulations to all the winners.
I do hope i win someday too.

Thank you for promoting the Challengeeos App @stevenson7 ! It is the App of the future bro. During this Covid19 pandemic season, you can even challenge someone to stay at home and unlock a Crypto reward.

Its a great app

I see great success in the days ahead. Challenge has proven to be so good with the blockchain technology. There is no more time to waste about grabbing a video for the contest. Thanks for this @citimillz

Thanks for always supporting the Challenge App bro. Stay safe! @mcsamm

Thank you.

Thanks for your entry!


Challenges are always a nice way to go by on the blockchain, this is also an interesting on, kudos @citimillz

Bless up bro. Challengeeos App is really a fun app.

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ChallengeEos is great app. You will be able to have more success soon. Because the result of the effort does not fail.

Exactly man. Thanks for stopping by!

Nice job you are doing here.
Congrats to all the winners

Thanks a lot.

Excellent work

Brelent excellent

Thanks for participating bro.