Challenge App Version 5 Is Out + Challenge Hive Account Hive Power Delegation Coming Soon

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Just of recent, the @challengedac Team successfully launched the Challengeeos App Version 5 and the number of daily users downloading the app has been increasing since then. To gain more users form Hive, the team has decided to get some Hive power delegation so as to curate posts from Hivers who support their community by downloading their app. So Hivers should get ready to have their Challenge App related posts curated when they post via the Challengeeos Community. The newly launched version has a lot of amazing features like radius adjustment, comment section, email verification, vote feature where you can vote for your favorite challenge to stay on top of HOT feed, bonus wheel, etc. Upon download, new users also get rewarded with 10 CHL.


Challengeeos App is an EOSIO based geo-specific and time sensitive app used to send and receive challenges for real time Crypto rewards. A player (sender) sends a Challenge to another player (receiver) asking them to be at a location or arrive at a location and carry out a certain task, once the challenge receiver is able to arrive at the location or in addition completes the task he or she automatically unlocks a cryptocurrency reward.

The App has a local cryptocurrency called CHL available on Newdex, CoinGecko, Bitsonic and Okex exchanges. Coins supported on the App are CHL, SENSE, SAND, DAPP, EETH etc. The Challenge Team are based in San Diego, California.


While waiting on the delegation to arrive, download the Challenge App here:)

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For iOS Users:

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