A Challengeeos Gaming App Player Just Won My Geo-challenge In New York

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I sent out yet another Challenge on the Challengeeos game App. This time around, I dropped the Challenge at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York. A lucky Challengeeos player claimed the EOS Crypto reward I set on the Challenge. It really feels super exciting that there is a gaming App which players can use to challenge each other to carry out Geo-challenges and task challenges. The players who are able to complete this tasks get to claim real time Crypto rewards. If you do not have the app already, make sure to download now and start earning.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO Software based mobile Geo-specific app that allows players to send and receive challenges. A Player sends a challenge to another player asking them to carry out a task like follow them on Twitter and drop screenshot etc or show up at a location to automatically claim Crypto. The challenge receiver wins the Crypto if he/she completes the challenge. The App has a native cryptocurrency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex, CoinGecko and Bitsonic exchanges. Other coins supported by the App are SAND, SENSE, EBTC, EOS, EETH, DAPP tokens. The Challenge Team are based in San Diego, California.


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Just bought 10,000 CHL on Newdex

Thanks a lot! You are the man. 😄


@chrisaiki we just added a POOL so youc an trade AND SWAP one button eos to CHl https://alcor.exchange/pool


WE ALSO added a NEW way to make money with the CHL you get or to spend it, NFts, which through GPS coordinates are tied into the blockchain and challenge, which will be built out into collectibles and NFT tradablees , backed by CHL. RIght now we can only back them with WAX but soon we can back our own NFts with CHl so you can buy them and sell them but youll always be able to BURN them to redeem the creamy CHL within :D

if youre ever curious about the project come to the telegram https://t.me/challenge_dac

Everything we do, we do it BIG!

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