ChallengeEOS Community Is Live + 58k Hive Power Curation

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ChallengeEOS Community on the Hive Blockchain is now Live. The new community which was just created today could be said to be the freshest community on Hive at the moment. Join our community today and start getting our 100% upvote when you make a post in our community. The post must be about our App and members must always use #hivechallenge tag. Subscribe to our community here

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We currently have 58,000 Hive power in the @challengedac account, which will be used to upvote all members who will make a 200 words post mentioning why they like the Challenge App. Follow this steps

  1. Download Challenge App here:)
    For Android Users:
    For IOS Users:

  2. Create an Account

  3. Create a Challenge and drop your Challenge username as comment on this post

  4. Make a review video(2 mins) or a review post (not less than 200 words) about your challenge or why you love our app

Every post gets a $0.8 worth of Hive upvote from our official account and everyone who creates a challenge with our App wins 50,000 CHL tokens.

ChallengeDAC App is a geo-specific and time sensitive app which can be used to send and receive challenges for crypto rewards. A player has to send a challenge to a challenge receiver to be at a location within a given period of time to unlock a real time crypto reward. This means that you can challenge a friend to stay at home and unlock a cryptoreward. Isn't that interesting? Challenge App has a native token called CHL available on Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic, CoinGecko exchanges. There is a pegged token called CHLP. The App accepts CHL, SAND, EETH, and SENSE tokens as method of payment and soon Hive will be added. The Challenge Team is based in San Diego, California. Challenge Version 5 will be launched soon and that particulaar version will come with features like bonus wheel, challenge task,pin drop, email verification, tokens add etc.

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:


ChallengeDAC Official Accounts:




ChallengeDac YouTube:

Twitter: @ChallengeDac


Reddit :


Challenge dapp is legit! I wanna get a weekly challenge set up on the app eventually

Good good. We expect to see the challenges you've created! @bigtakosensei

Great start. You blew up a tweeter !!!

A million thanks for supporting the Challengeeos Team! @cranium

Your discord invite link is invalid

I find there is no users nearby me so no one to add as friend or challenge

Here is the invite link @imisstheoldkanye The previous one might have been expired.

Join Telegram too, It's always fun, you can find more friends over at our Telegram community here We host Giveaways from time to time to enrich our users. Challenge Version 5 will have more amazing features.

Congratulations famz

Thanks! @everyoung

Congratulations 💯

Thanks so much. @willspatrick


Thank you and remain blessed. @akangsulim

Welcome on board will have my eyes on your updates,

Congrats. This is great!

Great work @challengeEOS
Can videos be posted on your ChallengeS app?