123k Hive Power For Challengeeos Community Curation

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The @challengedac Team has set aside 123k Hive Power for the Curation of posts that will be promoting the Challengeeos App via the Challengeeos Community on Hive https://hive.blog/trending/hive-122179. The New Version of the app which was just released last week now comes with super duper features like amazing user interface, email verification,comment feature, radius adjustment,task challenges, bonus wheel. So if you are yet to download the app, what are you waiting for? Head over to Google PlayStore or the Appstore and download our app to start sending challenges to friends. Upon downloading the app users get free 20 CHL token as a welcome reward.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO software based Geo-specific and time sensitive App which allows users to create and also receive challenges for real time Cryptocurrency reward. A player (sender) sends a challenge to another friend (receiver) asking them to complete a task or show up at a location to be able to unlock a crypto reward. The App has a native currency called CHL token available on Newdex, CoinGecko, Okex and Bitsonic exchanges. Tokens supported on the App are CHL, SAND, SENSE, DAPP, EBTC, EOS. The Challengeeos team are based in San Diego, California.

To earn free HIVE and CHL tokens, simply download the App and subscribe to the Challengeeos community https://hive.blog/trending/hive-122179 and make a post not less than 200 words reviewing the app and telling us what you like about the app.

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Visit https://challengedapp.io for more details

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