CHL Price is Up BIG on Newdex

The CHL token which is our Local cryptocurrency is pumping in price lately and that is great news for our Angel investors. As at the early hours of today, the price went up by 197% on the Newdex exchange. The Challenge token is a one with potential as the @challengedac app is built on the EOS Blockchain. Do you have our mobile App already? If not then just click on the link that will be shared below. Challenge App is an App which is used to send and receive Challenges among peers for Crypto rewards. A player sends a challenge to a friend asking him/her to turn up at a specific location at a particular time to unlock a Crypto reward. Our App is Geo-specific and time sensitive so the challenge receiver only gets to unlock the Crypto reward once he gets to the location at the set time. Cryptocurrencies used as payment options on our App are EETH, SENSE, CHL and SAND tokens. CHL is available on Newdex, CoinGecko and Okex exchanges. We also have a Steem pegged asset called CHLP available on @steem-engine. The Challengeeos Dapp has it's team based in San Diego, California.

The up in price of CHL right now is BIG and this is what we all will be experiencing from time to time as good number of new users signing up for Challenge everyday.


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