@Challengedac Curation Party + 1000 CHLP Bounty

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Word is being spread continuously on twitter and the Steem ecosystem about the @challengedac app now going to be changed to ChallengeOS. The Challenge App is an App that is used to send and receive challenges. You can challenge a friend to go to school, or go get a haircut in a set time and at a given location. The receiver of the challenge unlocks a crypto reward once the task is carried out. ChallengeOS is an EOS software App that uses a Geo-Specific and Time sensitive functions. The App has a local currency called CHL available on Newdex, Coingecko and Okex. It also has a pegged asset on Steem-engine called the CHLP. The CHL Team is based in San Diego, California and it is owned by @eoskent and @chaceeskam.
If you have not downloaded the ChallengeOS mobile DApp yet, then you are missing out really. Get free 20CHL on the dapp as you download.


I'm hosting a Contest on Steem which is sponsored by @challengedac. Upvotes from the 100,000SP account + 1000 CHLP to be given out to all participants. Read about Contest here:- https://steemit.com/contest/@citimillz/challengedac-dapp-tipping-and-curating-contest

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Awesome news!

This is the App of the Century bro=)

Good news.

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yea buddy! thanks for supporting @challengedac. the team holds it's early adopters dear to heart.

We look forward to seeing great new features to make things much better. Thanks for sharing bro.

More features to be uncovered bro

The app needs a live list of users and a system of chat or messaging between users. Kent needs to work harder 🤪

Smart idea!

man he is working hard thats all coming n new versions!

This stuf takes a looong time to get done, you cant throw money at software development ts an art u have to wait fora guy to build a sculpture lolo until we have 3d printer for ideas and software tahstc oming

Now IMAGINE if u will a token for every business... a imagine stem engine @aggroed made a triobe for every conceivable subject (communities will basically be that lol)